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An independent expert organization working to support and promote a systemic approach to innovative and sustainable development of regions, cities and municipalities
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Regional Development

Why is the right setting for municipal governance systems and processes important?

Climate change in cities

How can Slovak cities and municipalities react to one of the greatest global threats of today?

CDI’s approach

Professional approach, creative solutions, ...? What makes CDI different than others? What makes it special?

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Implemented projects

"[Our] specific approach, vast experience and high-quality outputs are what makes CDI a unique expert organisation, one of a kind not only in the region of Eastern Slovakia."

Director, Carpathian Foundation Slovakia
"In my opinion, what makes CDI unique is mainly the fact they not only highlight but also bring solutions to new and highly topical European issues pertaining to public administration and governance in Slovakia."

Vice-president, European Investment Bank
"Support and know-how transfer from CDI, which respected our specificities and expertise, allowed us to introduce new topics, knowledge and, last but not least, new approaches into our way of thinking about regional development priorities."

Director, Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia (RARIS), Zajecar, Serbia
"Carpathian Development Institute inspired us to start thinking about climate change adaptation in our city. They have provided us with expert assistance making sure our efforts are systematic. Moreover, CDI transferred their knowledge and experience to Trnava in close cooperation with our staff and with sufficient expert (as well as human) understanding."

Peter Brocka, LL.M., Mayor, City of Trnava

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