The objective of the publication is not to provide a detailed or technical description of measures, but to guide the reader and motivate him/her to prioritise complex measures with adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity impacts, to avoid the implementation of climate change adaptation measures causing the increase of emissions (if it is not necessary) and to study the facts and broader relationships in specialized literature or consulting with a sector specialist. The list of mentioned measures is not exhaustive, but it is a selection of measures usable in housing estates and based on the practice and experience of the authors of the publication.

The publication entitled „Catalogue of Selected Adaptation and Mitigation Measures“ was prepared by a team of experts within the international project DELIVER – DEveloping resilient, low-carbon and more LIVablE urban Residential area, which focuses on harmonising activities aimed at mitigation of climate change, adaptation to its eff ects and support of biodiversity in urbanised environment.

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