CDI’s work and achievements

In accordance with its mission and focus topics, CDI has implemented and continues to implement a variety of interesting projects, activities and events either as a part of large-scale international grant schemes, national and European finance mechanisms or based on individual contracts.


Regional development, understood as development of municipalities/cities/regions, is a wider concept. It includes the economic dimension as well as the positive changes occurring in other societal areas (social, cultural, health-related, ...) while improving or, at least, not endangering the current level of quality of the environment and respecting the genius loci of each territory. For a territory to develop in a sustainable, dynamic and synergic way, the activities and interests of various public and private institutions must be summarised and coordinated to achieve the most effective and most efficient solutions of joint challenges possible. Therefore, we are talking of the good governance of territorial development, which is a direct responsibility of territorial self-government.
Human induced climate change poses a threat to the lives and health of people, the environment, infrastructure and assets, mainly in urban areas. Existing communication, transportation, economic supply and social systems are interconnected and usually exist within relatively small territories with a higher density of population, therefore any disturbance to one or multiple elements of the system causes a chain reaction translated into various failures. A solution to this problem calls for a systemic change in the functioning of self-governments which, in their capacity of adaptation process leaders, will accept reacting to current as well as future climate change impact as an integral part of their mid- and long-term planning of development intents, everyday activities and decision-making. Local reaction to climate change is understood as the decreased production of greenhouse gases and adaptation, or even transformation, of existing systems against current and anticipated climate change impacts.


In a broader sense, the term projects include all CDI’s activities funded from various sources, both ongoing and completed, directly initiated and implemented by CDI as well as those where CDI acts as a project partner. The most important projects/activities/events (as seen by CDI), the outcomes and results of which are, or have the potential to be, very beneficial for the good functioning of self-governments in the area of regional development and in reacting to climate change; are listed first.

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